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March  2014

  • Volume 51
  • Issue 03
  • Page Nos. 1-64

Review Article

Aloe Vera– Nutraceutical to Pharmaceutical

PAGE 5-23

Aloe vera has been used for centuries and is presently widely exploited as a nutraceutical. It is available in the form of various health drinks and formulations such as capsules/ tablets or externally in the form of gels & creams. Being a potent immunomodulator, it can be used in various ail...

Mulay S.*, Bele A., Borade A. and Khale A.

Original Research Articles


PAGE 24-27

Veeryasthamba Vati is used as Shukrasthambaka in premature ejaculation. The present work deals with the preparation of Veeryasthambaka Vati as per the procedure prescribed in ancient texts, starting with the procurement, authentification of raw drugs, purification of raw drug, preparation of Vati...

Harti S. S.*, Prasad B.S., Hiremath R.S. and Gundkalle M.

Cytotoxicity, antitumour and anticarcinogenic activity of Curcuma longa essential oil

PAGE 28-34

In the present study, we have evaluated the antitumour and anticarcinogenic activity of turmeric essential oil in vivo. Turmeric essential oil was found to have significant in vitro cytotoxic activity against Dalton’s lymphoma ascites cells (DLA) a...

Liju V.B., Jeena K. and Kuttan R.*

In vitro Characteristics of Modified Pulsincap formulation with Mesalamine for Ulcerative Colitis TREATMENT

PAGE 35-43

The present work aims at fabricating the colon specific drug delivery of mesalamine (MES) by modified pulsincap technique and using natural polysaccharides. Mesalamine being poorly water soluble drug, solubility has been increased by solid dispersion technique using n...

Vadlamudi H. C.*, Prasanna Raju Y., Rubia Y. B., Vulava J. and Vandana K.R.

Stigmasterol variation in a Medhya Rasayan plant (Centella asiatica L.: Apiaceae) collected from different regions

PAGE 44-49

Medhya Rasayanas are group of medicinal plants described in Ayurveda (Indian system of medicine) with multi-fold benefits, specifically to improve memory and intellect by Prabhava. The study deals with the estimation of stigmasterol content, a chief ingredient in the ...

Chowdhary A., Chaturvedi P.*, and Memon R.

Formulation and Evaluation of Directly Compressible Pioglitazone Hydrochloride Tablets by incorporating Drug Spherical Agglomerates

PAGE 50-55

Directly compressible tablets of pioglitazone hydrochloride from spherical agglomerates were effectively prepared with improved drug release and bioavailability. Agglomerates were prepared by emulsion solvent diffusion method using methanol, chloroform and water as go...

Sachinkumar P.*, Shitalkumar P., Ramteke K. and Sahoo S.

Short Notes


PAGE 56-59

Parada bhasma (mercury calx) is one of the famous formulations mentioned in Rasashastra literatures. It has its own specific therapeutic indication in the field of Ayurvedic Indian alchemy. The Parada bhasma was prepared as per the Rasaratnakara text (text book relate...

Kumar P.*, Jadar P.G., Patil R. H. and Sherikar S.A.

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