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Stigmasterol variation in a Medhya Rasayan plant (Centella asiatica L.: Apiaceae) collected from different regions

Chowdhary A., Chaturvedi P.*, and Memon R.

Haffkine Institute for Training Research and Testing Acharya Dondeji Marg Parel, Mumbai 400012, India.




Medhya Rasayanas are group of medicinal plants described in Ayurveda (Indian system of medicine) with multi-fold benefits, specifically to improve memory and intellect by Prabhava. The study deals with the estimation of stigmasterol content, a chief ingredient in the Centella asiatica, (a part of Medhya Rasayana) collected from different regions of India. Stigmasterol is a chief phytosterol in this neurologically important plant, which has been proved as a useful substance in medication of Alzheimer’s disease. The plant collected from Panvel was observed the best source of stigmasterol (0.0582%) as compared to others.

Year 2014 | Volume No. 51 | Issue No.03 | Page No. 44-49
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