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Quantitative Determination of Deferasirox in Bulk and Pharmaceutical Formulation by Uv Spectrophotometric Method

Marathe G. M., Pande V. V.*, Patil P. H., Mutha R. E. and Bari S. B.

H.R. Patel Institute of Pharmaceutical Education & Research, Karwand Naka, Shirpur, Dist. Dhule 425405, Maharashtra, India.




A simple, fast and reliable zero order spectrophotometric method was developed for determination of deferasirox in bulk and pharmaceutical dosage forms. Beer’s law was obeyed in concentration range of 2–12 µ/ml deferasirox at 245.6 nm wavelength. The correlation coefficient was found to be (r2 = 0.999), precision (repeatability % RSD 1.29), percentage recovery 100.054±0.271. The detection limit (DL) and quantitation limit (QL) were 0.247 µg/ml and 0.75 µg/ml respectively. The proposed method was found to be simple, accurate, precise, reproducible and gave an acceptable recovery of the analyte, which could be directly and easily applied to analysis of bulk and pharmaceutical tablet formulations of deferasirox.

Year 2013 | Volume No. 50 | Issue No.2 | Page No. 27-32
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