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Formulation and assesment of a sunscreen cream based on green tea and marigold flower extract
by Mr. Akshay Vijaykumar Rasal, 29 Sep 2023

This study focuses on in-vitro screening of aqueous and ethanolic extracts from Green tea leaves and Marigold petals for anti-solar potential using UV method. Ethanolic extracts were prepared via maceration and evaluated for SPF. UV-1700 spectrometer assessed SPF, readings averaged from triplicates. Extracts revealed significant phytoconstituents; Green tea had SPF 11.90408, Marigold had 7.56912, both guarding against carcinogenic UV radiation. Creams with ethanolic extracts show promising anti-solar activity, a natural alternative to synthetic sunscreens.

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December 2023
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