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Synthesis, structural characterization and solubility investigation of Flurbiprofen Isobutanolammonium salt
by Dr. Shreerang Joshi, 29 Jul 2023
Co-Author(s): Vaibhavi P. Thakur,Pritam V. Bagwe,Prashant S. Kharkar

OBJECTIVE: Active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) are chemically modified into their salt forms to enhance their dissolution, boost their absorption into your bloodstream, and increase their effectiveness. Synthesis and characterization of flurbiprofen isobutanolammonium salts are presented in this study. METHODS: The salt formation was confirmed by analyzing the synthesized salt using thermal methods like differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), thermogravimetry analysis (TGA),and other analytical techniques such as Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy and powder XRD. RESULTS: The difference in DSC curves of parent drug and its IBA salt confirmed successful salt formation. Powder XRD studies indicated that a chemical reaction has occurred between drugs (flurbiprofen) and salt former (2-amino-2-methyl-propan-1-ol) and the product formed is a different entity i.e Salt. Solubility studies clearly indicated that the salt formation of flurbiprofen resulted in its increased solubility. CONCLUSION: Preparing salt form of BCS Class 2 API like flurbiprofen (FLB) may be an appropriate solution to its problem of low solubility, hence will help enhance the bioavailability.

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October 2023
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