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Forced Degradation Studies of Vincamine by HPTLC
by Dr. ARUNA P. JADHAV, 14 Jun 2023

Vincamine is an alkaloid, with vasodilator properties. The vinpocetine, a semi-synthetic vincamine derivative alkaloid, is used to treat cerebrovascular diseases like stroke and dementia. Being an important molecule, the present research work deals with the forced degradation studies of vincamine by using high-performance thin-layer chromatography through various stability parameters like acid hydrolysis, alkali hydrolysis, oxidative stress degradation, hydrolytic induced degradation, photolytic degradation, and dry heat degradation. Significant degradation was found to occur by acid hydrolysis, base hydrolysis, hydrolytic degradation, and to a lesser extent, under thermal stress and photolytic stress; the compound was found to be stable to oxidative stress. The percentage recovery of vincamine was found to be lower in acid-induced degradation (31.8%) and base-induced degradation (8.2%) than in UV-induced degradation (94.9%) and dry heat-induced degradation (93.1%). In order to forecast long-term stability, forced degradation studies are crucial in pharmaceutical research and development.

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October 2023
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