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Spherical Agglomeration of Telmisartan to Improve Physicochemical and Powder Properties
by Dr. Monika Nijhawan, 06 Apr 2024

The study explains the preparation of spherical agglomerates (SAS) of telmisartan (TLS), a BCS class II to improve it’s physicochemical and bulk properties. Drugs of this class could potentially exhibit dissolution rate limited absorption. TLS spherical agglomerates were designed using hydrophilic polymer (PVP K30), dimethyl formamide (DMF), water, ethyl acetate (bridging liquid) by solvent change method and evaluated for micromeritic properties. The SAs were characterized by particle size determination, FTIR, PXRD, and SEM. The results of micromeritic studies indicated that SAs showed improved flow properties due to their spherical shape and bigger size. Absence of strong interaction at molecular level and alteration in the crystal structure of TLS with modification in crystallinity was addressed by FTIR and PXRD respectively. It was observed that the solubility and dissolution rate of SAS was improved compared to telmisartan.

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