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Amiodarone and Betaine Combination: A Promising Strategy for Mitigating Arthritis in Rat Models
by Dr. Doshi Gaurav Mahesh, 05 Mar 2024
Co-Author(s): Rupali D Mohite

This study aimed to explore the therapeutic potential of Amiodarone and Betaine hydrochloride in a Complete Freund's adjuvant-induced arthritis rat model. Compared to the disease control, Amiodarone and Betaine groups displayed significant improvements in body weight, paw volume, Motility test, and stair climbing ability. Blood analysis indicated that Amiodarone and Betaine could modulate red blood cell count, white blood cell count, platelet levels, and hemoglobin levels. X-ray radiography demonstrated reduced joint space and increased radiodensity in the disease control group, which improved with Amiodarone and Betaine groups. Histopathological analysis revealed reduced tissue damage in the treated groups in comparsion to disease control. Moreover, Amiodarone and Betaine treatment significantly lowered serum levels of inflammatory cytokines TNF-α, IL-6, and IL-17, with Betaine having the most pronounced effect. Intriguingly, Betaine effectively suppressed NF-kB activity in the tissue homogenate. Amiodarone and Betaine, whether administered alone or in combination, exhibited substantial anti-inflammatory and protective effects.

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