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Integrative Analysis of Moringa oleifera Phytochemical Composition: Insights from LCMS/MS, HPTLC, HPLC Profiling, and Molecular Docking Studies
by Mrs. Shital Nehere, 03 Feb 2024

This research presents a comprehensive investigation into the phytochemical composition of Moringa oleifera utilizing LCMS/MS, HPTLC, HPLC profiling, and molecular docking studies. LCMS/MS analysis identified ten key phytocompounds, including β-carbolines, octadecadiynoic acid, and quercetin. HPTLC techniques confirmed HPLC quantified the presence of quercetin and kaempferol, gallic acid& caffeic acid. Molecular docking studies, conducted using CBDock2, unveiled potential interactions between these compounds and specific target proteins, such as β-Glucosidase (PDB ID: 2ZOX). The docking results indicated favourable binding affinities for quercetin-3-O-glucoside, quercetin, and kaempferol, highlighting their potential bioactivity.

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