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by Dr. Dhanashree, 30 Dec 2023
Co-Author(s): Kritika R Saboo,Rohit R Ghadge,Dhanashree Prakash Sanap,Sneha A Agrawal

Embelin isolated from Embelia ribes berries is major constituent isolated by soxhlet process which possesses antimicrobial activity. Our aim is to develop and evaluate the topical antimicrobial Embelin niosomal cream formulation. Niosomal formulation of Embelin was formulated using a thin-film hydration method using tween 60, chloroform and phosphate buffer with rotary evaporator. This niosomal formulation was incorporated into cream base, where both oil and water phase ingredients were prepared separately at 70 ̊C by constant stirring to form o/w cream formulation. This niosomal cream was evaluated for particle size, entrapment efficacy, spreadability, centrifugation, viscosity, dye test, homogeneity and In-vitro antifungal and antibacterial activity against C. albicans and S. aureus, respectively. The zone of inhibition was calculated and further compared with the market formulations. The study proposed that niosomal formulations deliver sustained and prolonged delivery of drug with increase in bioavailability.

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