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Pharmacognostic evaluation of A. graveolensLinn. and T. roxburghianum (DC.)Craib.: The drug “Ajmoda” in Indian System of Medicine
by Dr. Sagarika Parida, 28 Apr 2022
Co-Author(s): Sagarika Parida,Ananya Mishra,Kedar Kumar Rout,Gyanranjan Mahalik,Nabin Kumar Dhal

Two species namely Apium graveolens Linn. and Trachyspermum roxburghianum (DC.) Craib. are being popularly known as ‘ajmoda’ in India and ‘Celery’ in English and both the species belong to the family Apiaceae. The plant specimens are mostly collected from wild sources by unskilled collectors on the basis of the local names that lead to adulteration and substitution for genuine drugs. There is a chance of improper identification because of similar name. The seeds of these species are morphologically very similar and it is difficult to identify because of its smaller size. Therefore, this study aims to find out the detailed pharmacognostical evaluation to differentiate the seeds of the two species on the basis of microscopic characters, fluorescence analysis, physicochemical values, and TLC fingerprint profile.

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October 2023
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