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Design, characterization and evaluation of novel mucoadhesive nasal inserts for the treatment of migraine
by Dr. JOBIN JOSE, 21 Jan 2021
Co-Author(s): bindiya amin,lalit P kumar

Recently, the nasal route of administration has been paid much attention as an efficient alternative for the delivery of the active moieties in the treatment of migraine. To overcome the barriers associated with conventional therapies, strategies can be applied by modifying components like the drug, delivery carrier etc. This research work aimed to explore the potential of lyophilized nasal inserts of eletriptan hydrobromide for the treatment of migraine attack. Here, the lyophilization technique is used for the preparation of nasal inserts. The prepared nasal inserts were evaluated for water uptake studies, mucoadhesive examinations, Scanning electron microscopy, X-ray diffraction studies, in vitro drug release studies, ex vivo studies, in vitro cytotoxicity studies and stability studies. The inserts showed acceptable pH values, satisfactory mucoadhesion potental and excellent water uptake activity. In vitro release data for the formulations followed first-order kinetics. The cytotoxicity studies showed that there was a reduction of cell toxicity of drug embedded in the inserts when compared to the pure drug. There was no significant effect on the epithelium of nasal mucosa when treated with the formulated nasal inserts.. The novel lyophilized nasal inserts of eletriptan hydrobromide could be a better alternative for the treatment of migraine.

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