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Synthesis, Insilco, and antibacterial activity studies of substituted dihydro-1, 2-oxazole benzopyran-2-one hybrids
by Dr. Abhishek Kumar, 05 Sep 2020
Co-Author(s): Pankaj Kumar

A series of substituted dihydro-1, 2-oxazole benzopyran-2-one(SR1-SR6) were synthesized through the intermediate substituted benzopyran-2-one chalcones and were characterized using spectral analysis. Compounds were docked with receptor DNA Gyrase B (PDB code: 5L3J) to know its interaction and binding energy; ranges -3.38 to -2.15 kcal/mol. Further these compounds were tested for antibacterial activity using tube dilution method and MIC values were observed; ranges 3.12 to 25 µg/ml. Compound 3-(5-(m-tolyl)-4,5-dihydroisoxazol-3-yl)-2H-chromen-2-one (SR3) showed the best interaction with binding energy -3.38 kcal/mol and antimicrobial activity having MIC 3.12 µg/ml.

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