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Arundo donax L.: A Scientific update
by Mr. KAPIL SACHAN, 12 Aug 2020
Co-Author(s): Amarendra Kumar Chaudhary,Shamim Ahmad

Arundo donax L. belongs to family Poaceae. It is distributed widely from the Mediterranean region eastwards to North Africa, India, Pakistan. The plant is found all over India in hilly regions. It is also found in the Himalayas, up to altitudes of 2100-2440 m. Commonly Arundo donax L. is known as Giant Reed in English and Narakata in hindi. Traditionally it is used in treatment of dropsy and cancer. It is active ingredient of an Ayurveda formulation “Virataradi Kashaya”, which is used in treatment of urinary calculi, retention of urine and abdominal pain in Homeopathy Arundo donax L. used for treatment of allergic rhinitis. Arundo donax L. contain many useful phytoconstituents protein, fat, total carbohydrate (rhamnose, mannose, arabinose, galactose, xylose, glucose and 4-O-methyl glucuronic acid), fibers,lignin, α-cellulose,hemicelluloses, alkaloids (tryptamine, bufotenidine, gramine and arundamine), etc. Arundo donax L. has been found to possess many pharmacological properties like antibacterial and antifungal effects, Anthelmintic effects, Antifeedant activity, Antiproliferative effect, Effect on milk production and fattening performance, Central nervous effect, hypotensive effect, antispasmodic effect, antiacetylecholine effect, uterine stimulant effect, neuromuscular blocking activityand an important ingredient of herbal expectorant. This review might be a vital tool for the researchers who seek to work in this area.

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