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In vitro evaluation of the antioxidant property and DPPH radical scavenging kinetic behavior of Algerian Quercus robur L leaves selective extracts
by Dr. Elhassan BENYAGOUB, 11 Oct 2021

Background: Today, there is a growing demand for natural antioxidants. The unbalanced production and consumption of reactive oxygen species cause many disorders such as cancer, arteriosclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, and aging. Aim: For this purpose, the present study was part of the in vitro evaluation of the antioxidant activity of Quercus robur L. leaves selective extracts namely tannins and saponins groups. Methods: The antioxidant activity was evaluated by using two techniques, DPPH radical scavenging activity method and the ferric reducing antioxidant power method (FRAP). In addition, a kinetic behavior study of the antiradical activity was established. Results: The obtained results show that tannins and saponins extracts have a significant free radical scavenging activity with IC50 values of 0,128 and 0,145mg/mL, respectively. Moreover, the kinetic behavior of the scavenging ability of the studied extracts makes it possible to determine the antiradical efficiency (ARE), antiradical power (ARP), the percentage of the remaining DPPH free radical, TIC50 parameter, the half-life t1/2 (half-reaction time), and the equilibrium antiradical reaction time (teq). Conclusion: These results showed that the tested extracts provided a significant antioxidant activity and can be used as a source of new antioxidants compounds.

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