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UV-Spectrophotometric estimations and validation of Eslicarbazepine Acetate (ESL) in bulk and tablets using hydrotropic solubilization approach
by Dr. Prashant J Chaudhari, 06 Sep 2021
Co-Author(s): Aaditya S Kapure,Mahesh Borkar,Atul A Shirkhedkar

A novel UV spectrophotometric method has been developed for the determination of Eslicarbazepine Acetate in bulk and tablet formulations using hydrotropic solubilisation approach. The spectrophotometric detection was carried out at an absorption maximum wavelength of 226 nm using sodium lauryl sulphate (2.5% w/v) as a solvent. The method was validated for specificity, linearity, precision, accuracy, robustness, and limit of detection (LOD) and limit of quantitation (LOQ). Beer lambert law was followed by the calibration curve in the concentration range of 4-24 μg/ml. The precision (RSD) among six sample preparations was 0.52 and 1.14 % for analysts I and II, respectively. The percent recovery was shown to be between 98.96 and 99.27 percent. The LOD and LOQ were respectively 0.67 and 1.39 μg/mL. Precision values of less than 2 in terms of percent RSD was recorded, demonstrating the precision of the established techniques. The proposed methods can be conveniently employed to analyze Eslicarbazepine Acetate in bulk and pharmaceutical formulations as part of a regular analysis.

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August 2022
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