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Archana N. Barhatea*, Tanuja S. Shindea and Pratiksha S. Rampurea

a Department of Pharmaceutics, SVPM’S College of Pharmacy, Malegaon (BK), Baramati, Pune - 413 115, Maharashtra, India

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Lansoprazole has a short half-life and it gets absorbed only in the proximal part of the small intestine. Floating microspheres of such a drug floats on the stomach contents and releases the drug slowly for longer periods of time. Thus, to overcome the problem like short half-life and to enhance the absorption and bioavailability, floating microspheres of lansoprazole were formulated by spray drying method using ethyl cellulose and HPMC E15 as polymers and dichloromethane and ethanol as solvents. Prepared microspheres were evaluated for micrometric properties, percentage yield, drug content, buoyancy percentage, differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). All designed formulations showed in vitro buoyancy between 72 to 92 %. In vitro dissolution study showed cumulative drug release between 84 to 97 % within 8 h. SEM study showed that formulated microspheres were porous and spherical with rough surface.

Year 2022 | Volume No. 59 | Issue No.3 | Page No. 25-30
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