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Challenges and Opportunities with Drug Repurposing: An Emerging Technique in Discovery of Drugs
by Ms. Sanyogita Sunil Harale, 29 Jun 2021

Drug repurposing is the process of finding new uses for existing medicines at a cheaper cost and in less time.It's a good way to find or create novel drug compounds with new pharmacological or therapeutic applications.Various computational drug repurposing techniques exist, and some of them have been used to combat the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic.Many medicines are presently in the process to be repurposed utilizing fundamental understanding of viral pathogenesis and pharmacological pharmacodynamics, as well as computational techniques. The objective of this work is to highlight the utilization of repurposed medicines for COVID-19, bacterial infections and cancer therapy. Drug repurposing method is fast growing rapidly in both business and academics since it focuses on the initial knowledge and investment that brought the product to market in the first place.In recent years, several pharmaceutical firms have used the drug repositioning method in their drug research and development programmers to produce new medicines based on the discovery of novel biological targets.This technique is extremely effective, time-saving, low-cost, and risk-free.

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