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Exploration of the mechanism of Hygrophila auriculata to treat carboplatin induced toxicities built on Network Pharmacology
by Dr. Sangita kamath, 14 Mar 2023
Co-Author(s): Arpita Chakraborty,Reena Sherin Parveen,Sangita Kamath,Veena Nayak,Suchetha P Kumar,Vijetha Shenoy

Hygrophila auriculata is a traditional herb used for a number of ailments with unclear mechanism of action. The present study aimed to detect its efficacy on nephrotoxicity and hepatotoxicity in Wistar rats followed by network pharmacology analysis to explain its mechanism of action. 24 rats were divided into 4 groups (n=6). After baseline blood investigations, group 1 was treated with normal saline on 13th day, groups 2-4 with carboplatin, groups 3, 4 with different strengths of H. auriculata (day 15 to 30). The active components and targets of H. auriculata were screened and overall network was constructed using Cytoscape. In this study, we preliminarily predicted the main active components, targets, and signalling pathways of H. auriculata to treat carboplatin induced hepatotoxicity and nephrotoxicity, which could pave way for clinical application of H. auriculata against carboplatin induced toxicities.

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October 2023
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