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To develop and evaluate oral film of antiemetic drug using mixed-solvency concept
by Ms. Pharmaceutics, 12 Mar 2021

This study aimed to develop and evaluate oral film of antiemetic drug-using mixed solvency concept. The Mixed-solvency concept was used in the solubility enhancement of domperidone, an antiemetic drug that is practically insoluble in water. Different types of solubilizers have been used for solubility improvement of domperidone and from them (Poly ethylene glycol, niacinamide, caffeine) were the best. Five formulations were prepared by using HPMC E15 (film-forming polymer). The prepared oral films were subjected to evaluation for thickness, pH, drug content, folding endurance, stability, and in vitro drug release profile. The percent of drug release of the best two formulations F3 and F5 was 90.70% was 96.62 % respectively. The prepared oral films showed fast drug release. From the above study, it was concluded that the solubility of a practically insoluble drug (Domperidone) could be improved successfully by using different water-soluble solubilizers in different ratios under the mixed-solvency concept.

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