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Diosgenin at the cellular level as a cancer remedial agent
by Dr. A. Antony Joseph Velanganni , 03 Apr 2019
Co-Author(s): Nithya Ganesan

Diosgenin, a naturally occur in steroidal sapogenin made in plants identified with Dioscorea nipponoca, family Solanum incanum, xanthocarpum, and sort Trigonella foenum graecum. Diosgenin, essentially active phytochemical has been worn for the repair of different cancer such as lung, liver prostate, colon, breast, melanoma, gastric and leukemia cancer. Diosgenin has an inimitable structure corresponding to estrogens. Numerous preclinical studies has been accounted for on the anti-cancer effects of Diosgenin invivo and invitro. Diosgenin has been reported to the reverse multi-drug crisis in tumor cells and sensitize tumor cells to typical chemotherapy. Particularly, Diosgenin has been described to be controlled by pharmaceutical corporations to manufacture steroidal drugs. Some new Diosgenin analog and nano-formulation has been developed with stronger anti-cancer effectiveness and pharmacokinetic outline. In this review, we accounted for the uncovering versatile anti-cancer part of Diosgenin that has found appeal in pharmaceutical, diverse intracellular molecular target modulate by Diosgenin that abrogates the oncogenic process and this evaluation useful to investigations for the rise of an alternative model for the evaluation of different diseases from Diosgenin.

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