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Sasidhar R. Lankapallia *, Vidyadhara Suryadevaraa , Sowjanya L. Battulaa and Ramu Annea

a Department of Pharmaceutics, Chebrolu Hanumaiah Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chandramoulipuram, Chowdavaram, Guntur - 522 019, Andhra Pradesh, India

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The objective of the present study was to develop floating microballoons of captopril in order to achieve an extended gastric retention in the upper GIT which may enhance the absorption and improve bioavailability. The floating microballoons were formulated with calcium silicate as porous carrier, Eudragit L100 and ethyl cellulose 7 cps as coating polymers and captopril as model drug. The prepared microballoons were evaluated for particle size, angle of repose, Carr’s index, buoyancy studies, drug content and for in vitro drug release. Based upon the dissolution data obtained and various physical parameters evaluated, formulation containing drug to polymer ratio at 1:9 was optimised and further trials were carried out by changing the parameters like temperature, rpm and surfactant concentration to obtain more uniform and stable microballoons. In the optimized formulation, the drug release form was at a steady state manner when compared to the other formulations. The floating drug delivery system of captopril is a promising alternative way of achieving prolonged release with potential for achieving enhanced absorption and bioavailability.

Year 2022 | Volume No. 59 | Issue No.8 | Page No. 31-38
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